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Driven Essence

GLUTE Training Program

Driven Essence by definition is to cause and guide the movement with the significant individual feature or features of something—or, in this case, someone. You embody a driven essence, and you are unique and powerful in your own ways. This program will give you more tools to succeed and be confident. You will learn to guide movements with the new strength you develop and learn to master your craft.

This 8-week program is for women who are tired of the typical go-to basic glute exercises, whose goal is to increase their strength in glute development and add the curves they’ve always wanted. I’ve taken my own experience and lessons from working with my strength coach Bret Contreras and consolidated it into a simple 8-week program that can be incorporated into your own training. You’ll not only see a noticeable difference in your physique, but you’ll also learn the proper approach.

I think most women are intimidated and unsure of how to train, especially when it comes to the glutes. I used to do the basic go-to exercises and although there is nothing wrong with those, I was lacking in so many ways and cutting my training short. I never understood the function or proper activation for glute training.

Working with Bret is something I’ve learned and grown so much from that I want to share it with women on all levels. Don’t shy away from or be afraid of the weights. Challenge yourself and thrive on standing out as a strong powerful woman. Move with a purpose and embrace your driven essence.

What’s included in Adrienne’s Driven Essence Glute Training Program:

 Workouts for Weeks 1-8 (Additional equipment needed: resistance bands)

 Free YouTube demonstration videos

 Training log

 Helpful tips for each exercise

 List of healthy food options

 Access to Adrienne for Q&A



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