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Note that Adrienne’s 8-Week GLUTE Training Program will not be included with your membership subscription. Click here if you want to learn more about the program !

Adrienne’s Monthly Workouts
Every month you’ll receive a PDF version of my weekly workouts – easy to print or download and take with you! Also included will be bonus full-length workout videos to use as a guide.

Nutrition – Feed Your Soul
Get my favorite recipes, snack ideas and healthy treats to fuel your bod. Step-by-step instructions, grocery lists and instructional videos.

Private Community
As a SPICY’S GIRL, you’ll become part of a group of strong women who are there to support, learn and grow from each other as you each break your own boundaries in achieving your goals.

Access to Adrienne
Adrienne wants to be in touch with SPICY’S GIRLS – ask her questions or share your stories, struggles and victories! Q&A sent straight to you.

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