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When I’m not in the gym I love sharing with others what I’ve learned from my own journey and life experiences. Break the mold and pursue all your adventures!

Rise Up

Thoughts and words from my favorite podcast combined with some of my own words… Full podcast to listen: Recalibrate, Part 2: Greatness, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO113   I’ve fallen and I’ve tried, I fell harder and I tried harder. Never give up on what...

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Be a Warrior

I truly believe we are all born with talents gifts and a destiny that we were created for. It takes time, ups and downs but man the moments along the way mold you piece by piece into the warrior you are. I want to more than ever be who I was created to be....

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Think Big

Think Big

“If you don’t have impossible goals you’ll never achieve impossible feats. You better fucking believe it in the beginning. You’ve gotta think big, you’ve gotta have big actions. Don’t base your goals on what people think you should want, what the fuck do you want? We play to the level of our goals.” – Andy Frisella

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