About Me

I am stubborn. Strong-willed. Passionate about the challenges that help me achieve my goals.

I know you can demand more out of yourself and conquer your goals. Just like spices elevate and magnify flavor, thrive on standing out with intensity and passion.


Pure sweat, adrenaline and intensity are what I live and breathe for. The gym is the only place where I feel ALIVE and can be who I truly am. I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

I was born in Lafayette, Louisiana, but moved frequently from state to state while growing up. My sister, brother and I were a rowdy crew. We were always playing with anything we could find, from catching frogs to painting huge boxes into playhouses. I truly owe my discipline and passion to my parents. Since I was young, I’ve held — and continue to hold — high expectations of myself.

Fast forward to my college days when I moved to Seattle and quickly found myself tired of the late-night lifestyle. That is when I found my true love in the weight room. I loved the energy, the passion and pure drive. Feeling alive and being able to accomplish and set goals changed my entire lifestyle. Fitness soon became more of a drug that I fed off of, and it was my outlet and only place I could let it all out and be who I really was. Over time, I wanted to push myself to the next level, and that’s when I was introduced to the bodybuilding world.

In 2012, I entered my first competition — the NPC Washington State Championships — where I placed second in bikini and worked my way through four local shows, placing top five in them all. As a bikini competitor, I always stood out among other contestants. I heard from many people that I had a different style, unlike the typical bikini look. I loved seeing how I could transform, mold and shape my body more and more, and was fascinated by the science of it all. I thrive on standing out and showing that, yes, I compete in bikini, but I am also a hard-working driven athlete. I love to lift heavy, get vascular and push hard in the gym. I have never been a girly-girl, and being on stage definitely challenges me to channel my alter ego. That is how I got the nickname “Spicy.”

Since I entered the bodybuilding world, my dream has been to walk on a pro-level stage. In 2013, I competed in my first national-level show and continued until I earned my IFBB Pro Card at my fifth attempt at the 2015 NPC Universe. I worked hard to earn it and never wavered or gave up no matter what. It was definitely one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, but I soon found myself on another level and wanting to take things up a notch. I knew what my weaknesses were compared to the top players and have been blessed to work with people who have changed my entire mindset and regimen in so many ways. More than ever now, I am fascinated by the science behind proper training. Feeling like a powerlifter at times and being able to set PRs weekly and challenge myself is one of the best feelings.

I am a stubborn, strong-willed person by nature, and having challenges that I truly feel connected to and passionate about have helped me learn who I want to become. Lifting weights means more to me because I have a purpose and goal behind my workouts. Knowing I’m sculpting my body the way I want gives me such motivation and drive. Building muscle and feeling strong, living and breathing this lifestyle and finding balance through it all has made me a better person in so many ways. Fitness has taught me what it really means to have dedication, passion and true commitment.

Outside of competing, I am happily married to my husband, Sean, who shares my love for the fitness lifestyle and is my number one supporter and partner. It has taken a lot of hard work and time to be where I am today, and I wouldn’t be here without him by my side.

Just as others have inspired and supported me, I also want to inspire others on their own fitness journey, whatever that may look like — to become more than what they imagine, to take chances and expand their knowledge to push their fitness to the next level. Starting a brand-new chapter can be both intimidating and exciting, but these moments and opportunities can change your whole life. They can lead to much more than you’ve ever imagined. One goal achieved can lead to much bigger goals ahead.

Don’t let the delay of your success get you down, and don’t worry about what others think or say. Following your dreams means making sacrifices and determining if you’re willing to put in your whole heart. Everything happens for a reason and in its own timing. I believe and have lived this. The harder you work for something, the greater it will be when you achieve it. And last, but definitely not least, don’t cut yourself short. Go for the big happy — meaning the big dreams and goals you want in life. Demand more out of yourself and conquer your goals. Just like spices elevate and magnify flavor, you can thrive on standing out with intensity and passion. CARVE YOUR CANVAS

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